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The Best Part of Culinary Provence Comes in April in The Restaurant: The New French Dining Experience in Sofia!

This special offer is valid for the following venues, part of Crystal Palace Boutique Hotel:

Sit back, close your eyes and imagine having a glass of rose amidst lavender fields while being caressed by the summer breeze rich in various flavors. Open them again and take a seat at the table you reserved in The Restaurant: The New French Dining Experience in Sofia! This April, we bring the cuisine of Provence to you.

The dishes of this part of Southern France are as diverse in tastes and scents as is the geography and history of Provence. Begin your culinary journey with a fresh Nicoise salad originating from the city of Nice. Continue along the Mediterranean coast with a Bouillabaisse and/or octopus from Marseille. Head North to Avignon with a foie gras with fig jam, and then slowly enjoy the Cassoulet – a mountain meal with magnificent taste the preparation of which takes two days. A plateau with goat cheese and a rose will doubtlessly remind you of the small villages and their lavenders. And finally, the tarte Tropezienne will make you feel you are on a yacht in the sea breeze again.

Provence and its cuisine has many stories to tell. The Restaurant and Chef Plamen Evropeiski unite the tastes in a special monthly menu to present a real culinary fairy tale.

Review the full menu below and make sure to reserve a table in April by calling +359 885 581 758!

Festive Menu - April | Month of Provance

“Nicoise” salad (potato, tomato, egg, pepper, olives, tuna and anchovies)

250 g

9.80 BGN


Mix of soft salads, batate. Sesame, quail with truffle oil and foie gras terrine with candied fruits

250 g

15.60 BGN


Baked Camembert with homemade berry jam and cinnamon

160 g

12.40 BGN


Foie Gras in pan with light aroma of balsamic, homemade green figs jam, baked walnuts and fresh mint

250 g

24.80 BGN


Puff pastry with veal and foie gras, served with Ratatouille 

350 g

26.80 BGN


Baked shrimps and salmon with sauce “Café de Paris” with potato Finnois

350 g

25.90 BGN


Beef steak “Rossini” with sautéed asparagus in duck fat and baby carrots

350 g

29.80 BGN


Wheat chicken with agaric mushroom, served with tartiflette

350 g

18.60 BGN


For reservations & additional information, please contact us at:
☎ 0885 58 17 58 |  restaurant@crystalpalace-sofia.com