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June: the Month of Normandy in The Restaurant: The New French Dining Experience in Sofia!

This special offer is valid for the following venues, part of Crystal Palace Boutique Hotel:

The freshness of sea breeze is in the air in the summer garden. In your hands, you hold a glass of tasty calvados. And, certainly, you enjoy the tender and light flavor of milk in each of the meals we offer in June – the Month of Normandy in The Restaurant: The New French Culinary Emotion in Sofia.

The sandy shores of the province as well as the water lilies of Claude Monet inspired us for this remarkable selection of dishes from the Western part of France: both sea food and dairy products are traditional for this part of the country we know well from our history lessons.

Rediscover delicacies such as frog legs and monkfish in innovative recipes flavored with traditional milk and butter-based sauces that melt the meet in your mouth. Taste the original meals like the Rossini fillet, too. Alongside them, do not miss to try the selection of various calvados types of established brands from Normandy itself.

Below, you will see the full menu for the Month of Normandy. Reserve a table in The Restaurant in June by calling 0885 581 758. Please, specify whether you would like the table to be in the main salon or in the summer garden. We are looking forward to seeing you again!


For reservations & additional information, please contact us at:
☎ 0885 58 17 58 | ✉ restaurant@crystalpalace-sofia.com