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Massages & SPA therapies Info

“NIRVANA” massage - 60 minutes

Performing by two therapists the “Nirvana” massage will renounce you from the terraneous desires and will gift you a shape of supreme blessedness and mental peace.

* * *

 „ZAHIR” massage - 90 minutes

Feel the uniqueness of “Zahir” relaxing massage with warm aroma oil. It will occupy and obsess your thoughts and will leave a memory of unforgettable experience.

* * *

“CRYSTAL PALACE” massage - 60 minutes

Improves the blood circulation and increases the oxygen in the body. It helps muscle recovery and gives elasticity and mobility of the articulations.

* * *

“AFRODITA” massage - 50 minutes

Compelling delight for the whole body with flavor of your choice: chocolate, honey and milk, rose blossom. Touch the mystic beauty of the legendary goddesses.

* * *

„CRYSTAL PALACE” therapy - 90 minutes

„To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance” – Oscar Wilde.

Live through an unique pleasure with “Crystal palace” detox therapy with warm honey and luminous gold.